Jurassic World Still - Lead
Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/©Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

The thought of dinosaurs once more roaming our planet may make some people cringe in fear, but as Jurassic World’s opening weekend box office numbers proved, the world is ready for a reptilian takeover. Universal’s action-packed film raked in a record-breaking $511.8 million globally, making it the most lucrative opening in cinematic history, EW reports.

Fans rushed into movie theaters globally to get a better glimpse of the wild, unimaginably frightening creatures that executive producer Steven Spielberg brought to life. And though it’s been nearly 14 years since Hollywood has opened the park’s doors, the world is eager to enter. So just how monumental was the opening? It beat Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which wizard-loving fanatics helped gross $482.2 million worldwide back in 2011; when it comes to the flick’s IMAX adaptation figures, it pulled in $15.3 million more than Iron Man 3 in 2013.

The now-iconic story line and the thrill of a Jurassic experience certainly contributed to the film's success but we can't neglect to mention Chris Pratt’s hunky leading role. Well done.