7 TV Shows You Need to Watch This June

The Handmaid's Tale (June 5, Hulu)
Photo: Elly Dassas

Yes, warm weather is here, but so is Big Little Lies! When you're done hitting the beach, taking long strolls through the park, and exposing your toes to the elements, set up camp on your couch (A/C: on) and binge your way through TV's best debut and long-awaited returns.

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Tales of the City (June 7, Netflix)

Tales of the City (June 7, Netflix)
Nino Munoz / NETFLIX

Laura Linney, Olympia Dukakis, and Ellen Page star in the latest adaptation of Armistead Maupin's LGBT books series about a group of San Francisco residents living in the same apartment building.

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Big Little Lies (June 9, HBO)

Big Little Lies (June 9, HBO)
Jennifer Clasen/HBO

BLL returns for its hotly-anticipated second season, bestowing us with the greatest gift HBO could ever give: Meryl Streep.

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Younger (June 12, TV Land)

Younger (June 12, TV Land)

The Empirical crew is back for season 6, and they're facing changes galore. Charles and Liza's relationship is finally out in the open and Kelsey's new responsibilities at work threaten to ruin her and Liza's friendship.

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The Loudest Voice (June 30, Showtime)

The Loudest Voice (June 30, Showtime)
JoJo Whilden

Russell Crowe is unrecognizable in his starring role as divisive Fox News founder Roger Ailes. Naomi Watts and Sienna Miller take on the roles of Gretchen Carlson and Beth Ailes, respectively.

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The Handmaid's Tale (June 5, Hulu)

The Handmaid's Tale (June 5, Hulu)
Elly Dassas

After a heart-wrenching season two finale, June's back (and conspiring with Serena Joy?). The revolution begins June 5.

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Euphoria (June 16, HBO)

Euphoria Costumes

This moody new drama, based on an Israeli series of the same name, follows a group of Gen Z high schoolers as they struggle through the trials of adolescence. Zendaya and Handmaid's Tale alum Sydney Sweeney star.

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Luther (BBC America, June 2)

Luther (BBC America, June 2)
Des Willie/BBCAmerica

After a nearly four-year hiatus, Idris Elba's British crime drama is finally back for its fifth season, and DCI Luther's beloved murderous accomplice may be back as well.

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