Variety And Women In Film Annual Pre-Emmy Celebration
Credit: WireImage

At the annual Variety and Women in Film pre-Emmys party, Julie Bowen may have been decked out in demure Lela Rose, but her sense of humor was sharp as ever. The Modern Family star weighed in on castmate Sofia Vergara's fiancé, the hunky Joe Manganiello, and gave her enthusiastic stamp of approval.

Bowen said Manganiello was perfect for Vergara because "he's tough. He's like a caveman with her. It's sexy!"

"Because she's so strong, and so calling the shots all the time, and then you see them together and there's a part of her that kind of melts," Bowen added. "It just warms your heart when you see that."

In fact, when posed with the possibility, Bowen might even be game to throw Vergara an on-set wedding shower. Though she did have to work through a few obstacles—especially on what exactly the bride-to-be needs. "What do you do?" Bowen said. "You're like, 'Oh, Sofia, what do you want for your wedding shower?" And she's going to be like, 'Ay, I want a toaster and some plates…" No. She has a beautiful new house. Her to-be husband is a minor deity—or a major deity."

There are other gifting options though, Bowen added. "Maybe there's a charity she's into. You probably know better than I do. Something for, like, poor, unfortunate supermodels." More seriously, Bowen pointed out that Vergara is "very, very, very involved with charities back in Columbia for kids, and getting children an education. So maybe if we raise money for them on set, that would be a good thing."