See Birthday Girl Julianne Moore, Then and Now

Julianne Moore lead
Photo: Getty Images (2)

Julianne Moore turns 55 today and, if you ask us, she's never looked better. Recently, she has been seen out and about to promote her latest film, The Hunger Games Mocking Jay—Part 2, which hit theaters in November. Appearing totally ageless, Moore arrived on the red carpet looking just as fresh-faced and fabulous as she did in her early years as a budding actress. Props to you, Julianne!

Despite our suspicions, Moore did not actually discover the fountain of youth—or, at least, we don't think she did! Instead, if we had to guess Moore's secret to staying so downright radiant-looking, we'd say it has to do with her active lifestyle, enormous professional success, and that always on-point style of hers.

Today, the actress, who has starred in countless films and graced the cover of InStyle several times, has a lot to celebrate. Not only did she win both an Oscar and a Golden Globe in 2015 for her performance as a woman with early onset Alzheimer's in Still Alice, but her most recent film, The Hunger Games Mocking Jay—Part 2, has already grossed millions of box-office dollars.

In honor of Moore's birthday and iconic career, in which she's proven her incredible acting ability time and time again, take a look at the ageless star's beauty looks through the years.

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