By Alexis Bennett
Nov 03, 2015 @ 2:15 pm
David Livingston/Getty Images

Monday night was an epic night for Dancing with the Stars contestant Nick Carter. Not only did he receive a perfect score and immunity, but the gender of his first son was revealed (it's a boy!). Maybe Julianne Hough knew that it would be a boy, because she wore a Gustavo Cadile gown in a beautiful shade of blue. Her look was perfection from head to toe, and we got a glimpse at all of the behind-the-scenes magic that prepared her for the evening.

Hough's hair allowed the gorgeous neckline of her strapless dress to take center stage. Once again, the judge teamed up with hair stylist Riawna Capri who decided to part her hair down the center and loosely pull strands back. The hair pro created a textured twist right above her neck and framed the dancer's face with few loose strands. 


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Even Hough's bold crimson lip complemented the red accents in her jewelry. Her go-to makeup pro Spencer Barnes let her pout take the spotlight by only adding neutral eyeshadow to her lids and dusting her cheeks with a rose-toned blush, creating yet another perfect 10 look.