Julianne Hough Pens a Love Letter to Her Favorite Band

In case you missed it, Julianne Hough is kind of a big Imagine Dragons fan. And by "kind of," we mean massive.

The singer and dancer posted a lengthy love letter to the band on Instagram Thursday, and she made her true feelings abundantly clear alongside a slideshow of pictures of her and the band. Along with urging followers to listen to Evolve, the band's new album, and to catch them live on tour, Hough went into specifics about how their music has impacted her life.

"The passion and artistry along with thought-provoking words and gratitude they deliver to everyone there is beyond words. Not to mention, you'll be on your feet dancing and singing at the top of your lungs! Ughhhh soooooo good!!!!!" she wrote in the caption. "These guys are not only putting out impactful music for us all to enjoy and hold on to, but also using their voices and love to really make change and put good out in the world!"

"I was also lucky enough to be invited to speak and be a part of the #LOVELOUDFEST in Utah this summer that Imagine Dragons created, celebrating and bringing light, love and hope to the LGBTQ+ community. When I say I am a Fan, that is a total understatement!" she added.

Speaking alongside the band in Utah wasn't just lip service. Hough made sure to point out how the band's music helps her stay positive.

"I feel so much more alive and grateful for what I have after I blast it in my car driving from meeting to meeting! My state immediately changes. I smile at more people in passing, I wave at strangers and give hugs instead of handshakes!" she wrote. "People always ask me how I stay so positive and want to know what I do ... well, let's start here, I listen to great music that feeds my soul!!!"

Who knew Julianne Hough was the ultimate Imagine Dragons fan?

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