Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; Instagram/juleshough

Blondes may have fun, but pink-haired ladies probably take things to whole new level. Either way, Julianne Hough will soon know for sure: She just joined the pastel hair club by dyeing her locks a lovely pink hue.

The actress and dancer posted an Instagram photo of her look (above, right) with the caption, "Pink hair don't care!" and blogged about her dramatic hair change on her new lifestyle site, which focuses on everything from home décor to fitness tips and beauty advice.

Hough, who is currently a judge on Dancing with the Stars, wrote a detailed post on the site for anyone who is flirting with the idea of pastel hair. She said it is all about the three C's of hair wisdom: Commitment, coiffure, and color.

"Now if you’re thinking to yourself, “No, I really am a unicorn!” and you want to go for it roots to ends—I respect that. My best advice is to please see a professional," she wrote. Keep in mind that all-over bleach will result in roots about every 4-6 weeks, so be ready for that touch up. Don’t embarrass your stylist by not keeping up your unicorn magic. This look can go from hot to hot mess really easily." Good advice!