Want a Body Like Julianne Hough's? It Starts with This Morning Drink

Photo: Courtesy of Fitbit

When it comes working out, Julianne Hough doesn't mess around. No matter what's happening in her life, the Dancing with the Stars judge and Fitbit ambassador makes a point to break a sweat every day, whether it's dance-cardio, cycling, or yoga, tracking every step she takes using her trusty activity tracker—especially with her impending nuptials to hockey player Brooks Laich looming. At the launch of Fitbit's new Alta HR device, Hough shared her daily routine exclusively with InStyle, including the four boutique fitness classes that help keep her body in tip-top shape.

1. Wake up

"I usually wake up around 7 a.m. and check my Fitbit in the morning to see my sleep data from the night before. It's helpful to see how well I've slept and learn about how to improve my overall sleep habits. I've made it a goal to get at least eight hours each night."

2. Eat breakfast

"The first thing I do in the morning is snuggle my dogs, Lexi and Harley. Then, I'll go downstairs, have a light breakfast—usually hot water with lemon, an English Breakfast tea, and half a protein bar and a banana—and head to my workout. After that, I usually have a large green juice, steamed eggs, sliced avocado, and sliced tomatoes."

3. Work out

"I change my workout routine everyday to ensure I'm exercising different parts of my body in a variety of ways. I typically go to Body By Simone, Tracy Anderson, SoulCycle, and CorePower Yoga. Based on my Fitbit data, during an average Body By Simone workout, I burn almost 300 calories in 45 minutes."

4. Go to meetings

"The biggest project I'm working on right now is MOVE Beyond Live on Tour. Soon, [my brother] Derek and I will be rehearsing every day until our first show on April 19. I'll be bouncing around between auditions, workouts, meetings, rehearsals, and who knows what else."

Courtesy of Fitbit

5. Break for lunch

"For lunch, I typically have a mixed green salad with grilled chicken, quinoa, a variety of chopped veggies, olive oil, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice."

6. Attend MOVE rehearsal

"My favorite part about MOVE rehearsals is the undeniable workout we get from dancing 60 hours a week. I love going on tour because Derek and I get to connect directly with our fans almost every night of the week. We get the chance to talk with them before the shows at our VIP Meet and Greets and party with them during the actual show."

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7. Have dinner

"On a typical night out, I either enjoy dinner with Brooks and/or friends or go to the movies—it varies! I'm usually on-the-go."

8. Go to sleep

"My typical bedtime routine consists of brushing my teeth and washing my face, putting Lexi and Harley in their doggy bed, and hopping in my own. I try my best to be in bed by 10 p.m. every night. I'll spray lavender mist onto my pillow to help me calm down."

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