Julianne Hough Continues to Nail Red Carpet Glam—Here's How

Julianne Hough DWTS - Lead
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Wide-eyed Dancing with the Stars contestants have already begun to get the axe this season, but there’s one thing we know will remain a fixture: Julianne Hough’s fashion. For last night’s elimination episode, the judge once more tapped her hairstylist Riawna Capri and her makeup pro Spencer Barnes for the glam treatment.

Thanks to their expertise, Hough glowed, courtesy of a lightly glossed lip, carefully applied highlighter, dramatic eye shadow and a sleek, parted ‘do. Before slipping into the night’s dress, Hough once more took time to relax with her two pups, Harvey and Lexi.

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So what was her gown of choice? “This gorgeous dress by Mikael D felt so edgy and sexy the minute I put it on!” Hough told us. “The clean white against the cool mirrored motif was the perfect balance and one of my favorite looks to date!”

Of course, it was her talented stylist, Anita Patrickson, who helped her track down the sparkling piece. “I love the shape and cut of this dress. It’s so unique and bold, yet feels really understated at the same time," added Patrickson. "Jules has such a rockin’ bod. It was the easiest fit in the world—such a fun, sexy dress!”

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After her killer fitting, Capri (above, right) and Barnes (above, left) flanked Hough to perform necessary touch ups.

And while the star’s sublime maquillage perfectly accented her glimmering dress, we were even more dazzled when she took a moment to show off the back.

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