By Camryn Rabideau
Updated Nov 11, 2017 @ 11:45 am

Julianne Hough is looking good and feeling great. The professional dancer and actress tied the knot with now-husband Brooks Laich in July, and in her latest social media post, she admits she's never felt more "free, beautiful and confident in her body."

She shared a red-hot bikini Instagram on Friday, explaining that it was part of an impromptu post-wedding photo shoot with her friend. The 29-year-old wrote that although she likes the picture, it took her months to share it because she didn't want people to think she was "trying too hard"—we can probably all relate to that.

What happened next was amazing, though: "Then I went, 'Whoaw Jules get out of your head and stop making decisions based off of what I 'think' people will think. Who actually cares anyway!?!?!'" Hough wrote. "If I like the picture and I feel good, I should share that. It's important to celebrate being confident, inspire others to do the same and to not hold back because you're afraid of being judged."

At the end of her post, Hough challenges her fans to "share a picture that makes YOU feel really good" without worrying about what other people will think. Hough's message about body confidence is truly inspiring.

BRB, we have to go update our Instagrams real quick!