Nina Dobrev may be the best celebrity bestie out there. Not only did the Vampire Diaries alum serve as pal Julianne Hough’s bridesmaid in her picturesque Idaho wedding, but she’s been by the actress’s side every step of the way—which, of course, includes helping plan a star-studded bachelorette party.

Although the beachside event took place last March, Dobrev took Hough’s birthday as an opportunity to unearth a particularly noteworthy photo from the party.

The day after Hough turned 29, Dobrev took to Instagram to share a shot of the bikini-clad bride-to-be kneeling on the beach, bachelorette sash, wine glass, and veil in tow.

“Bachelorette no more! Been saving this photo for months to post on @juleshough's birthday!” Dobrev introduced the photo in her caption.

“This 🔥 mama is a married maid and it's never looked better on anyone! Wish you were here so we could celebrate your birth, but I know you're rocking that beautiful bikini bod on a beautiful beach with your boy," she continued. "Miss and love you, you special human being! Rays of sunshine and positivity always shining through your smile and your aura. Happy Birthday Beautiful soul!”

We hope Julianne’s new hubby loves her as much as Nina does.