By Victoria Moorhouse
Mar 15, 2019 @ 11:00 am

While it seems like everyone in Hollywood is chopping off their hair, going short isn't for everyone. So for those of you that want the drama of a significant makeover but don't want to lose too much length, Julia Roberts and her new asymmetrical lob are at your service. 

The celebrity's longtime hairstylist Serge Normant posted a profile shot of Roberts on his Instagram. In the picture, we can see that Roberts's very long, layered hairstyle has been transformed into a much shorter, collarbone-grazing lob. And instead of going for a blunt cut, of which was incredibly popular last year, the stylist cut her hair at a very slight angle, featuring longer lengths in the front and subtly shorter lengths in the back. 

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Normant styled the hair in voluminous messy waves that highlighted the definition of Roberts's golden blonde hair color. 

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Similarly, just last week, Mila Kunis's hairstylist gave her hair a very similar cut, though styled it in an airy blowout. 

Overall, it's a haircut you can expect to see even more of from celebrities in the coming months, especially as those who've adopted the bob grow-out their hair.