Julia Roberts, the titular pretty woman in the film of the same name, joined Instagram only three months ago, but she's a fast learner. Selfies? Nailed 'em. #TBT's? She's got it covered, thanks. Taking down trolls? She's a natural!

Roberts proved her troll-slaying prowess when she oh-so-eloquently took down a hater who had some choice words about the nail polish she paired with her black Dsquared2 dress at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of her latest film, Ben Is Back, on Saturday.

Nicholas Inglis, whose Instagram handle is @thevintagecostumecollector, posted a side-by-side photo of Roberts and Joan Crawford, comparing the two screen stars's LBD style. A follower with apparently deep convictions about nail polish wrote, "Joan Crawford looks way better in my opinion," adding, "Julia is wearing ugly black nail polish!" She didn't. (She did.)

In a clapback captured by the hardest working account on Instagram, @CommentsByCelebs, Roberts wrote, "It is in fact navy polish with garnets crystals as a grounding accent. In case you would like to edit your comment from 'ugly black nail polish' to ugly navy nail polish with Garnet crystals. Just sayin." We're not saying we're shedding a proud tear or two, but we're not saying we're not.

Roberts's manicurist, Mazz Hana (according to a tag by her hairstylist, Serge Normant) is probably out there, somewhere, beaming with pride. We know we are.

As for jumping on the Instagram bandwagon, Roberts told CTV News at TIFF that the platform has given her a glimpse into what teen life in the 21st century is like. "You have to find a sense of humor and I think that the benefit I've gotten from it, truly, is the tiniest little insight into what it must be like to be a teenager in this day and age," she said. "As the parent of teenagers, I'm finding it very informative and interesting and empowering in that regard, where I have a little glimpse into what the youth of our society participate in and the positives of it and the frustrations of it."

While we're at it, we'd also like to congratulate Roberts for mastering the art of the birthday tribute 'gram. I mean, look at these gems.

Here's a blurry photo of Richard Gere to celebrate his 69th birthday in August.

And wow, another blurry birthday photo celebrating Tom Hanks on his 62nd. Tom, you've never looked ... blurrier!

Julia, we couldn't be more proud.