It's like if your mom was on Instagram, and your mom was also Julia Roberts.

By Isabel Jones
Updated Feb 04, 2019 @ 7:00 am

Julia Roberts is an Oscar-winning actress, producer, red carpet legend, mother, and icon in her own right, but her true contribution to our troubled world may be through Instagram.

The Homecoming star joined the photo-sharing platform in June 2018, and we didn’t realize quite how desperately we needed her until she appeared, sitting at the base of a tree and gazing slightly off camera, bestowing us with a simple greeting: “Hello.”

Since that fateful summer day, Roberts has introduced us to new realms of IG possibility. Allow us to outline them below:

The Blurry Tribute Post

Julia is all about the IG tributes. But despite the access to photo archives she must have by the sheer privilege of being Julia Roberts, said tribute shots are almost always blurry, awkwardly cropped, or both.

She recently managed to find a clear photo of her and Oprah for the mogul’s birthday, but she failed to crop out the “x” in the corner, and also wound up tagging herself as Oprah. Win some; lose some …

If authenticity is what you're seeking from the actress’s social media, you’ll find it in spades. There’s clearly no one running this account but America’s Sweetheart herself — though if we’re wrong, that’s one PR genius.

The “FBF”

Roberts has redefined the acronym as we know it. Under the @juliaroberts umbrella, FBF can stand for any number of things: Faux Boom Friday (as in faux Boomerang — a specialty of hers), Faux Boob Friday, and sometimes even an authentic Flash Back Friday:

The Mahjong ‘Gram

One of many things Julia’s social media presence has taught us: she’s a big mahjong fan. She and niece Emma Roberts, who appears to love a good game date, are known to play (though they also enjoy a classic game of cards):

The Casually Star-Studded Selfie

She’s Julia Roberts, so no one in Hollywood is going to be like “Sorry, I don’t do selfies.” And though we’re waiting on that Beyoncé ‘gram, the roundup of spontaneous (and often poorly-lit) celebrity selfies on her feed is pretty impressive:

And then we have those posts that defy categorization, like the mid-crop screenshot of the poster for an indie movie called The Rider, an accidental black squiggle marking the bottom.

Or this Fourth of July selfie that gives us half of both worlds:

Julia, your Instagram has only made us love you more. Never change, and please never embrace the crop tool.