But it ended with a success story.

Temporary hair dye is tricky, and it's almost always a hit-or-miss. Don't take our word for it, Julia Roberts can vouch.

In a new interview with Patricia Arquette for Variety, the two traded stories about terrible auditions, and the conversation turned to hair dye experiences.

Arquette recounted putting temporary dark dye in her hair for an audition, and Roberts told a story about the hair dye she used to get into character for an audition for her role in Mystic Pizza.

"I had a success out of it, but I did have about two cans of colored mousse that I got at Lamston’s Drug Store," she said. "My hair was stiff as a board. Leaving the subway after the audition, I had on my white blouse, walking from the subway in the rain with two cans of dark mousse just running down all of me."

Temporary mousse dye and a white shirt? Never a good mix. Thankfully, it sounds like both actresses have had an easier time dying their hair for roles since then.

"Here we are, knock on wood. We’ve had success in our careers, and we have these crazy audition, dripping-dye stories," Arquette said.

"And now we’re just rad 51-year-olds with naturally blond hair," Roberts said.

At least she got the role in the end.