In this world regularly hit by torrential downpours of bad news, we all need something to smile about. But if the steady fill of costume-clad Halloween babies hasn't done it for you, allow us to offer a substitute: A-lister Julia Roberts telling the best stories about fellow A-lister George Clooney.

If you've ever wondered what Clooney, a man worth $500 million, is like behind-the-scenes of a movie set, Roberts is here to indulge in your curiosity. In an interview with goop CEO and founder Gwyneth Paltrow for her goop podcast, Roberts spilled the tea — including one story we didn't see coming: George is kind of a gossip. And Julia loves that about him.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney lead
Credit: Samir Hussein

She recalled a conversation about coworkers she once had with Clooney and her colleagues. "Doesn't it stink sometimes when you're just like, on a movie and everything's great, but there's like one person that just doesn't get the vibe?" she recalls saying. "So, we're all kind of commiserating oh yes, we've all had that experience where one person just kind of doesn't get it."

"[Clooney] goes, 'Yes, but what’s great about that person is you have somebody to talk about at the end of the night when you're all having a drink before you go to bed."

"He is the sunny side up,” she said of his ability to find the silver lining.

From this, we now know three things.

1. Julia Roberts and George Clooney can tell if you're being a bona fide wet blanket on a movie set.

2. Julia Roberts and George Clooney will get annoyed by said wet blanket.

3. Julia Roberts and George Clooney will then vent about them, as all humans are bound to do.

Who knew these Hollywood stars were so like us after all?