Julia Roberts Calls Her Daughter Her Living Style Icon: "She Doesn't Care What She Wears"

Hammer Museum Gala In Garden Sponsored By Bottega Veneta
Photo: Getty Images North America

At the Hammer Museum's annual Gala in the Garden last night, there was plenty of star wattage in the crowd. Most were there to see and honor Diane Keaton, who clad in Comme des Garcons garb and Chloé boots, was the epitome of self-contained cool (perfect really in the searing 90-degree L.A. heat)—even if she was self-deprecating about it. She picked the fashion forward outfit, because "I look like a balloon. And I thought that I could maybe highlight my legs, so I got these boots."

Hammer Museum Gala In Garden Sponsored By Bottega Veneta
Getty Images North America

The actress was also humble about the entire glamorous evening which was on its 13th annual edition and sponsored by Bottega Veneta, telling InStyle: "I sort of don't exactly understand—why me?" But Keaton was sure to give credit to the dynamic museum's Anne Philbin though. "She made the Hammer what it is today, which is just a really important, vital, contemporary art museum," Keaton said.

Even if art was the theme, the actresses, like Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Kiernan Shipka, Marisa Tomei and more, were the top billing, and many were quick to call out Keaton as a style icon. Roberts, clad in a Bottega Veneta outfit that her husband Danny Moder had picked out (see, top), particularly admired the way the Annie Hall actress wore menswear. "Nobody has ever done it better than she has," Roberts said.

But when it came to her true living style icon? "My daughter, because she doesn't care what she wears," Roberts said of her little one Hazel. "We all put way too much thought into what we look like, I think. It'd just be better to get out the door faster and spend that time with our friends and family instead of coiffing."

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