Rumors about who (Vanessa Hudgens! Q'Orianka Kilcher!) had scored the role of werewolf Leah Clearwater in Eclipse (the third installment of The Twilight Saga) were put to rest last August. The coveted part went to model-turned-actress Julia Jones. "I've been carrying the books with me everywhere I go and I'm almost finished the fourth one," Jones told us when she stopped by our offices last summer. While she was up to speed on the story—her character joins forces with Taylor Lautner's Jacob to protect Bella from the rest of the Quileute tribe—Jones admitted there was still a lot to do before she headed to the set in Vancouver. "In human form the werewolves are in incredible shape, which is why Taylor had to bulk up for New Moon," she explained. "I should probably start running again!" Jones joked that her biggest worry was that she'll get a mane makeover in order to look more like her character. "In the book Leah has really short, cropped hair. So right now my biggest concern is that they'll make me cut all my hair off!"