New Moon - Jules Smith
Credit: Courtesy of IMBD;Courtesy of Jules Smith

We've been a fan of Jules Smith designs since the debut of the fabulous Kiss Kiss Necklace, but designer Gina Nigrelli really hit a soft spot with her newest collection. Inspired by New Moon and boasting names like Edward's Smile and Bella's Good Luck Charm, this collection has the chic-factor fans are looking for. "I quickly became engulfed in the love triangle and the mystical fantasy of the storyline. My obsession for vampires translated into a design inspiration." Nigrelli told us, "I wanted to share my devotion to these characters with my fans and there's no better way to celebrate Edward Cullen than with a New Moon collection featuring alluring fangs."

• Bella's Good Luck Charm Bracelet, $20; visit

• Jacob's Nemesis Bracelet, $45; visit