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Lily Tomlin might play a Grandma in her new dramedy (in theaters today), but she's not the kind that is baking cookies all day long. In the film, the star plays a quick-witted septuagenarian and retired poet that sets out on a road trip with her 18-year-old granddaughter (Julia Garner) after learning that the teen is pregnant.

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Though her character is a little cranky in the movie, co-star Judy Greer told us that the veteran actress was a blast to work with on set. "Lily is always fun to be around because she has so much energy and is just the opposite of lazy," says Greer, who plays Tomlin's ex-girlfriend in the film. "I am a little younger than her, and I was always thinking, how is it that I’m so tired and I just want an iced coffee and Lily is so committed all the time? She is one of those people who is lovely to everyone, but she’s not fake nice."

Credit: Glen Wilson, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

While Grandma's subject matter might be a bit controversial to some (the main characters are trying to collect enough money to pay for an abortion), Tomlin's emotionally charged performance is worth seeing, especially if you're patiently waiting for the second season of her Netflix series Grace and Frankie to drop next year. Check out the trailer for Grandma below and keep your eye out for memorable cameos by Laverne Cox (Orange Is The New Black) and Nat Wolff (Paper Towns).