By Alexandra Whittaker
Aug 22, 2017 @ 1:45 pm
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Valerie Macon/Getty

As anyone who has ever seen Judge Judy can tell you, Judge Judith Sheindlin is a no nonsense woman ... and she also happens to love great shoes.

While you can't see her feet behind her podium, rest assured that daytime TV's favorite judge has some seriously stylish footwear, but she hasn't always been able to afford her expensive shoe taste.

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Before she starred on her TV show, Sheindlin was a family court judge in the Bronx trying to put her kids through college, and even though she was successful, she couldn't buy whatever she wanted. And what she wanted was a black pair of $500 Robert Clergerie shoes.

While she had her eye on them for a long time, she couldn't afford them—but she never forgot about them. Once she hit it big on TV, she returned for the shoes that alluded her previously.

"That day in Beverly Hills when I paid $500 for black Clergeries, I knew I’d really made it," she told Page Six on Monday.

We don't think she'll have to think twice about shoe prices anymore, though. Sheindlin just sold her entire archive of 20+ years of shows back to CBS TV Distribution for a reported $200 million, according to Page Six. The sale gives CBS the rights to more than 5,200 hours of programming, and it gives Sheindlin a massive payday. 

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A happy end to a happy story. We wish only the finest shoes for Judge Judy in the future.