By Jonathan Borge
Updated Jun 29, 2018 @ 11:00 am

At Kardashian headquarters, one day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out. Officially out? Joyce Bonelli, the family’s platinum-haired longtime makeup artist.

According to Us Weekly, it’s been a hot minute since Bonelli has applied a base layer of foundation and touched up any member of the famous brood’s glowy highlighter. An insider tells the tabloid that “the family doesn’t speak to her anymore” and that “she hasn’t worked for them for months.”

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We did our due diligence and indeed, none of the Kardashian-Jenners follow Bonelli on Instagram anymore. And despite Bonelli sending Khloé well wishes on her birthday in a post, we can’t spot any response from the new mom in the comments.

We originally thought the shade was not something to read into. A source tells Us that “they just stopped working with her because they didn’t see it as a right fit anymore,” which sounds like an incredibly politically correct way of saying, “you’re fired."

But according to People, things weren't so cheery—and it had everything to do with business. A source says Bonelli "tried to go around them on a deal so the Kardashians wouldn't make money off of it. They caught on and Kim stopped following her, but Khloé and Joyce remained amicable" until they turned their back on her as well. Apparently, she would leave town "for big Kardashian parties so people wouldn't catch on," but they did.

In addition, the source also added that Bonelli claims she's the brains behind the popular catchphrase off Kanye West's "N—s in Paris" track, "that s— crazy," but that her claim is false. The source added, "The Kardashians were just over her lies and the trying to cheat them out of money was the cherry on top." As Kris says, wiiild!

Bonelli, who’s been a quiet but consistent character on Keeping Up for years, told The Hollywood Reporter that things were fine in 2017. “We text every other day and we talk about everything. Even if I’m working with a different client, we’re always talking and FaceTiming. We talk about kids. We talk about the fun, scandalous stuff. They’re like my sisters,” she said.

Blocking someone out of your life via social media appears to be the move for the Kardashians. In April 2017, Khloé split from her stylist Monica Rose (she also worked with Kendall and Kylie), though we never received an explicit explanation as to why. Kim essentially revealed nothing during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, saying, “You’d have to ask Khloé and Kendall and Kylie and the girls.”

Last fall, Kim also parted ways with her assistant Stephanie Shepard, who from the sound of it, got a little too famous for her liking. “Kim needed an assistant where the relationship is more professional,” a source told People. “It’s very difficult to work with friends, so Kim decided to hire someone else. The bottom line is that Steph was hired as an assistant, and Kim wanted to keep it like that. They are not friends now.”

Months later, Kim kept it Kla$$Y and sent Shepard a heart-shaped beauty gift from her Valentine's Day collection, eliminating rumors that there was lingering tension. But still, drama is drama, and it looks like when it's time for the family to let you go, they'll quickly just rip off the band-aid.