This Device Will Help You Organize All of Your Old Photos

Joy Album - Lead
Photo: Courtesy Joy

We're living in the age of Instagram, which means our obsession with documenting everything is incessant. But after a moment is captured, it's often lost in the ether, buried in a vast abyss of content on your phone. (Who owns a digital camera anymore, anyway?) Now, it's time to breathe a collective sigh of relief because Joy Album is here to solve all of your photo organizing woes.

The brand-new device, out today, is an interactive photo album that lets you curate and share images and videos from your camera roll, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and Google Photos, on a large 13-inch HD tablet that charges on a wireless magnetic stand. "No one has a good process or system to organize their photos these days, and it's getting more frustrating," Joy CEO Alan Chan tells InStyle. "We're helping to solve that problem."

Joy Album - Embed
Courtesy Joy

With Joy Album, you can upload an infinite amount of content to the cloud and create albums based on your favorite memories, like a friend's wedding or baby shower, via a corresponding app (pictured above). What's more, you have complete control over who gets to see what with the handy "private sharing" option. Another feature, appropriately called "StoryTime," lets you share and discuss photos with a friend or relative over a voice call. The future is now, people.

Joy is priced at $499 ($299 for pre-orders) and is available to buy now at See it in action above.

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