Dawson's Creek
Credit: Courtesy Everett Collection

Is 2016 the year of the throwback? All signs are pointing in that direction with producers, directors, and actors breathing new life into beloved films and TV shows like Grease, Full House, and Friends. Perhaps that’s exactly why Dawson’s Creek star Joshua Jackson has former co-stars Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and James Van Der Beek on his mind.

So how does The Affair star envision a Creek reunion? “People always forget that Michelle Williams’s Jen character was killed off, so they really need to figure out a way around that,” he said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I guess she could come back as a ghost, or they could do it like Dallas did and have someone wake up and find her alive in the shower 20 years later. That could work!”

Tough plot lines aside, the actor admits the hit teen-themed drama will always be a major factor in his life, especially if he has children with partner Diane Kruger. “I hope by the time I have children that show’s off the air,” he told ET in the video below, explaining why watching himself on the show is plain “awkward.” “It’s going to be very hard to have authority in my own household if that’s on the air.”

Watch the interview above—and keep your fingers crossed for a Capeside reunion.