Actor Josh Meyers (Seth's Brother) on June 23, 2015
Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU/Getty Images

Tuesday night's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers featured quite the lineup of hotties—both Colin Farrell and Matt Bomer stopped by the show. And while the actors were more than enough to make us tune in, what really caught our attention was Seth Meyers's other guest: Josh Meyers, the 41-year-old host's younger brother. His handsome appearance was enough to have us instantaneously Googling his name to find out more.

As it turns out, the 39-year-old's visit to his big brother's show was far from the first time Josh had appeared on TV—in fact, he's an actor himself and has been on the scene for quite some time. We rounded up five things you should know about Josh Meyers—discover them all below:

1. He was on That '70s Show.

Josh Meyers - That 70s Show - Embed
Credit: Courtesy Netflix

Despite his mustachioed appearance on his older bro's show, Josh once played clean-shaven boy-next-door Randy Pearson on the final season of That '70s Show. In the series, he was lauded by Donna "Hot Donna" Pinciotti for his flowing, gorgeous mane of hair (above, right)—and we're happy to see that he's still got that going on.

2. He and older bro Seth work with each other quite often.

The siblings used to frequently appear on Late Night when Jimmy Fallon was host and would reveal secrets about each other while playing The Siblingwed Game. Additionally, they appeared as co-hosts on Esquire Network's The Getaway, both voiced characters on Hulu's animated show The Awesomes, and worked on a pilot together for NBC.

3. He thinks mustaches are getting a bad rap.

The actor is proud of his facial hair and thinks that others should stop hating on it. On last night's episode of Late Night, Josh told his brother that mustaches don't deserve the flack they're getting. "I think a lot gets made of mustaches nowadays, like if you have one—especially if you haven't had one—people talk about them very negatively, he says, adding, "If you look around the world there are millions of men who wear mustaches unironically and they're probably getting to a boiling point." Watch the video here:

4. He appeared on The Mindy Project.

Josh had a guest appearance on an episode in Season 1, during which he played Adam, a male prostitute that goes on a date with Mindy. Coincidentally, Seth appeared on the show a few episodes earlier as a love interest for the main character, as well.

5. He can drink his brother under the table—but not his mom.

On Tuesday night's Late Night, we got to see what happens when Josh and Seth have a day off together. As it turns out, they go day-drinking in Brooklyn, N.Y. In a hilarious clip from the show, we see the elder Meyers get progressively more bombed, while somehow Josh manages to stay cool and sober. We also learn that although Josh may be the better drinker of the siblings, their mom is the real family champ. See the video here: