The two starred together in the 1984 movie No Small Affair.


Among the revelations she made in her tell-all memoir, Demi Moore claimed that actor Jon Cryer had lost his virginity to her — and he just responded on Twitter.

"I played a young nightclub singer, and Jon Cryer played the 19-year-old photographer who falls in love with her, in his first movie role," she wrote in the book. "Jon fell for me in real life, too, and lost his virginity to me while we were making that movie."

Demi Moore and Jon Cryer
Credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images, Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Moore was around 21 at the time, and Cryer was 19 — they had been filming the movie No Small Affair together.

"It pains me to think of how callous I was with his feelings — that I stole what could have been such an important and beautiful moment from him," she added.

Cryer responded on Twitter, joking, "while I'm sure she was totally justified making that assumption based on my my skill level (and the stunned look on my face at the time), I had actually lost my virginity in high school."

According to TV Guide, Cryer also wrote about Moore in his own memoir, calling her his "inaugural Hollywood romance," and writing that he was heartbroken when he went to her house one night only to be told by her housekeeper that Moore was "out with her boyfriend." He later went on to star with Moore's eventual husband Ashton Kutcher on Two and A Half Men.

In an interview on Watch What Happens Live in 2015, Cryer admitted that their shared romantic connection initially made things a little awkward on the TV set, but the two eventually got over it and moved on. According to TV Guide, Cryer wrote in his book that Kutcher brought up Moore one day as they were leaving set, telling him, "Oh, man, I just want to say, Demi told me you guys use to date. Totally cool. Don't feel weird about it."