By Claire Stern
Updated Jan 08, 2016 @ 6:30 pm
Credit: Courtesy

JoJo's long-awaited comeback continues, this time with the release of a heart-wrenching music video for her song "Save My Soul," inspired by her late father's struggle with addiction and directed by none other than the late Robin Williams's daughter, Zelda Williams. "'Save My Soul,' is about addiction," the 24-year-old singer, who memorably rose to fame in the early aughts with her hit single "Leave (Get Out)," wrote in an Instagram post.

"I wanted to convey the feeling of powerlessness I've felt in my life in an uncomplicated way and show a range of what it might look like for others who've been there. Working with one of my best friends, Zelda Williams, was a highlight of my 2015." She added, "Because of the content of the song and the way it touched us both, 'Save My Soul' felt like a natural place for us to collaborate."

The nearly four-minute clip, shot in Joshua Tree, Calif., features the singer traversing the desert at sunset, interspersed with vignettes of what are presumably addicts sprawled out on a yellow couch. "That couch looks like an island in the middle of the desert for a reason, because I know how isolating it can be to try to express yourself," Williams wrote on her Tumblr.

"Showing emotions in a world that seems averse to them can be scary, and more often than not it feels as though you’re the only person on the planet going thru it! But I promise you, for everyone who doesn’t understand, there are others out there who will, others who may be comforted to know they’re not the only ones. Everyone’s got a story, whether you’ve heard it or not. I’m grateful Jo let me help her tell hers. Hopefully, it’s only the first of many, many more to come."

Watch the emotional rollercoaster of a video below.