Get the Scoop on Johnny Depp's Daughter Lily-Rose's First Leading Role

Lunchtime Links 4/2/15

It looks like Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Melody Depp is following in her dad's footsteps! The 16-year-old is set to star in her first major film, Yoga Housers, a horror-comedy about two yoga enthusiasts planning to attend a senior party, but instead have to battle some evil forces threatening their fun.

A spin-off of last year's Tusk, the film will also star dad Johnny Depp, and according to director Kevin Smith, the father-daughter duo are great together onscreen. "It was adorable," Smith tells People magazine. "There's a scene in an interrogation room between the two of them and they're actually trying to out act each other and it's really cute." Smith isn't the only one who loved seeing them play opposite of each other—the film's producer Kim Leadford tells People that watching them together was "mind blowing."

With Yoga Housers set to be released later this year, the countdown is on until we can see them together on the big screen. Until then, head to to see photos of Lily-Rose on set.

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