John Mayer Lead
Credit: Steve Jennings/WireImage

As promised, John Mayer has officially released four songs from his new album, The Search for Everything on Friday as part of his tactic to release the albums in a series of waves. Wave One includes "Love on the Weekend," which was previously released as a single last year, "Moving on and Getting Over," "Changing," and "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me." Needless to say, we know what we'll be listening to on our commute home today.

"My heart’s racing," he tweeted this morning. "These songs represent literally hundreds of hours of living inside of these little worlds. And more to come."

Mayer has spent most of the last few years touring with former members ofThe Grateful Dead in a hybrid band called Dead & Company.

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Although he hasn't yet announced when the next waves of the album will be released, or how many waves he plans on making, we're very happy to have some new John Mayer music in our lives, as his last album, Paradise Valley, was released four years ago, in 2013.

Listen to the amazing new songs below: