John Mayer and His 90-Year-Old Father Look Totally Alike

It seems that good genes really do run in the family. OK fine, we knew that already, but we're getting an extra dose of proof courtesy of John Mayer.

Mayer took his dad out for dinner to celebrate his 90th birthday on Wednesday, and the father-son duo looked really did look like two of a kind. The best part of it all? It seems they share a similar sense of humor too.

"Happy 90th Birthday, Dad! Leave doting comments about my dad below. He’ll love scrolling through it," Mayer wrote. "Also please stop this train. Thank you."

The post's comments seem to be packed full of well wishes to mark Mayer's dad's big celebration, from people telling Mayer and his dad how great they look to fans quoting Mayer lyrics, which the singer did himself in the caption.

"And please stop this train," is likely a direct reference to Mayer's 2006 song "Stop This Train":

Had a talk with my old man / Said, "Help me understand" / He said, "Turn 68 you’ll renegotiate / Don’t stop this train / Don’t, for a minute, change the place you’re in / And don’t think I couldn’t ever understand / I tried my hand / John, honestly, we’ll never stop this train."

We hope Mayer's dad had a wonderful 90th birthday.

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