If your morning commute is as miserable as ours, this impromptu performance will make your day. John Legend stopped by St. Pancras station in London on Tuesday morning, and gave some commuters the personal John Legend concert of their dreams.

The crooner teased the surprise on Twitter as he arrived in the station, writing, “Do they still have that piano there?” They did, of course, and Legend popped a squat on the bench to perform some of his hits like “All of Me” and “Ordinary People” in front of some lucky morning commuters, who must have been pleased to find out that Legend’s voice sounds just as good IRL as it does on the radio.

Apparently, the surprise performance was in honor of International Piano Day, which is further proof that every day should be a holiday of some form of another. Next up, we’re proposing International Cravings Day, where Chrissy Teigen pops up in a New York subway station to cook everyone breakfast.

BRB, going to start the petition.