John Legend Shares His Best Fashion and Beauty Advice

AXE And Esquire Present The AXE White Label Collective During The Opening Night Of New York Fashion Week
Photo: Getty Images North America

John Legend is following his model wife Chrissy Teigen into the world of fashion. The “All of Me” singer collaborated with Axe White Label to pick 5 emerging designers for a mentorship opportunity with him and designer Billy Reid and Esquire’s fashion director Nick Sullivan. The up and coming designers also had a chance to showcase their collections at the Axe White Label party which kicked off fashion week on Sept. 10 InStyle sat down with Legend (a 2015 InStyle Social Media Awards nominee—vote for him here) and we asked him what it was like to go from music to fashion, “I think I have a good sense of what guys want to wear and we wanted to give these designers an opportunity to have their work seen,” said Legend.

And from walking many a red carpet to being snapped on the street, he has nailed down his polished style. When we asked what his three fashion must haves were, he went for classic staples. “Every guy (and woman) should have a nice leather jacket, it elevates every outfit if you have the right jacket. In New York especially, I always want to wear a nice overcoat to get through the winter, you can wear them so many times and they make every outfit better. Shoes are important, of course, I love my Lanvin sneakers—they go with a lot of things. And then I think a nice bag is great, so you carry your computer or whatever else in style. I’ve been carrying a Tom Ford backpack lately. “

But fashion isn’t the only area that Legend has given advice in, he once told Teigen to grow her eyebrows out, so naturally, we had to see if he had any other beauty tips. “She will never let me forget that! That was right when we first start dating," says Legend of the brows incident. But "I think closer to natural looks better to me, most of the time. Every woman is different though, embrace what’s most comfortable for you.”

Now, that’s a philosophy we can most definitely get behind.

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