She declined, due to her ... eyebrows?

In 1995, John F. Kennedy Jr. founded and began editing George magazine, a glossy monthly that dissected politics and pop culture. And according to a new Esquire feature, one idea that JFK Jr. had for marrying the two seemingly disparate topics was to have rumored ex-girlfriend Madonna pose on the cover as his mother, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

The concept, according to Esquire, was to shoot a cover photo in which Madonna looked so much like Jackie O. that readers wouldn't be able to tell the difference upon first glance.

However, the pop icon declined.

"Dear Johnny Boy," she wrote in a response to his request. "Thanks for asking me to be your mother but I’m afraid I could never do her justice. My eyebrows aren’t thick enough, for one."

The story goes that Madonna and JFK Jr. met while at a party in 1985, and supposedly began secretly seeing each other three years later, when she and then-husband Sean Penn split up.

JFK Jr. Madonna
Credit: Getty Images

What makes the Esquire story even more wild is that Jackie Kennedy reportedly disapproved of Madge. Jackie apparently wasn’t a fan of Madonna's “sacrilegious” (as deemed by the Vatican) use of crosses and Catholic iconography, and it probably didn't help that she once signed the guestbook at Jackie’s home as “Mrs. Sean Penn.”

Eventually, any affair between the Queen of Pop and the political heir fizzled out, though it sounds like they remained friendly enough for JFK Jr. to ask Madonna to pose as his mother.

Meanwhile, the magazine ultimately moved on to shoot Drew Barrymore posing as Marilyn Monroe for the cover after Madonna turned down the request.