The Madden kids are obviously destined for greatness—their lovey-dovey parents are Hollywood royalty and have major connects in both the music and TV industries. Plus, they’re ADORABLE:

Harlow, 9, and Sparrow, 7, are the sweetest kiddies, but Madden’s latest photo of his son showed us just how quickly he’s growing up—and it blew our minds a little.

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie’s son, Sparrow, already has his own personal style (we’re digging the 'do), and he looks just like his rocker dad!

The Good Charlotte singer posted a photo of him and his son totally twinning on Monday. Both Maddens clasp their hands in front of themselves while they stand in front of an old-school canon and look straight at the camera. While Joel opts for a neutral expression, Sparrow can’t help but break into a smile.

Tattoo sleeves are probably a few years off for Sparrow, but it’s clear that Joel’s little man takes after his dad.