By Jonathan Borge
Updated Aug 02, 2017 @ 1:45 pm
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Joe Jonas is quite fashionable.

He can pull of a Louis Vuitton suit on the red carpet one day, a Supreme tee tucked beneath a denim hoodie the next. He’s cute. He’s suave. And there’s something about his style that collectively screams “I’m sweet!” but also “IDGAF!”

Which is why it's fitting that the 27-year-old DNCE frontman and band mates Cole Whittle, JinJoo Lee, and Jack Lawless have been tapped as 2018 Global Brand Ambassadors for K-Swiss. Cute, right? The decades-old tennis heritage brand is angling to turn up its cool factor with a DNCE capsule collection, set to drop next year. It’ll include four sneaker styles, each designed by one of the pop group’s members.

“When they asked us to collaborate in a bigger way and actually design shoes, we were so pumped,” Jonas told InStyle, recounting how the partnership came about. “We can really put our own spin on things—not only our fans but shoe fans in general are going to really like what we’ve been coming up with.”

Yes, we’re curious to see what the full line-up looks like, but in the meantime, we asked Jonas about who he turns to for style inspiration, what he eats for breakfast, and, yep, whether or not he’d star alongside girlfriend Sophie Turner in Game of Thrones.

Scroll down for our Q&A with the singer—and to see more of DNCE’s new K-Swiss campaign.

What was the most surprising aspect of designing shoes?

“It’s a long process. It’s weird when you look at different samples but you can’t really see them in person … You’ve gotta be really patient and wait it out. And I’m just really excited to finally have them so I can share them with friends.”

You’re wearing several polos in the new campaign. Are you a polo or tee kind of guy?

I’m a T-shirt kind of guy. When it comes down to every day, I’m usually in some T-shirt.

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Band tees seem to make up a large part of your wardrobe. Where do you find them?

Typically I find a lot in Japan, like in the Harajuku area.

Whose style do you love?

I think it’s always rad when I see certain artists sticking to one thing, like Chance the Rapper, when he was rocking strictly overalls. I think it’s really creative. When it comes to really dressing well, I feel like Ryan Gosling never seems to not look good. He always looks very sharp, red carpet or not.

Everyone loves him.

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like him.

Do you like Ryan Gosling memes?

Yes, I absolutely do. It’s not a bad life to be Ryan. I did buy a Ryan Gosling shirt a while back that just has his face everywhere. My favorite meme had to be, I go back to the original [Vine] videos of him when he doesn’t wanna eat cereal. He actually made his own version of it, and I thought that was really clever.

You’re wearing high socks with sneakers in the campaign and that’s a very polarizing combination in fashion. What’s your stance?

I’m not opposed to it. I don’t do it often, but look at Tyler, the Creator, he does it really well. As long as you’re doing it in a creative way or maybe not all the time then I think it’s a good look.

Congrats on starring in Charli XCX’s new “Boys” music video. Do you normally eat pancakes for breakfast as you do in it?

Luckily that was a special occasion. And I don’t typically eat pancakes. But every once in a while, you just gotta go for it. I’m kinda boring. I eat the same thing every morning. I like oatmeal. I go more for waffles over pancakes, if that’s really the hard-hitting news.

Why waffles?

There’s more places for syrup, you know? They have little spots. Holes. The pancakes, it just slips right off.

What’s the most common question fans ask you?

They’re like, "Where are your brothers?" They assume that I’m with them all the time. Then there’s like, "You’re taller then I thought!" Stuff like that. But typically it’s just cool to hear stories about how they’ve come to like certain music or certain songs and why they’re drawn to those songs.

So do you watch Game of Thrones regularly?

Oh yeah, I’m caught up. It’s the best show.

Do you have a favorite character, other than Sansa Stark [girlfriend Sophie Turner]?

I would say it changes by week, but I mean, Jon Snow is always gonna be a favorite. He’s a badass. He’s come back to life.

Would you ever guest star à la Ed Sheeran?

I think I’m too big of a fan. I’d probably just watch.

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