Neither of the Tiger King personality's top casting picks made the cut.


Hey all you cool cats and kittens, we have a major development in the seemingly never-ending Joe Exotic saga.

Exotic’s story, being stranger than fiction and all, is the subject of not just Netflix docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, but multiple scripted projects (including one which will blessedly star Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin).

Joe Exotic Tiger King Show Nicolas Cage

According to Variety, a new Exotic-focused project has been green-lit: A show based on the Texas Monthly article “Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild” by Leif Reigstad. The eight-episode series, helmed by American Vandal showrunner Dan Lagana and Paul Young, and produced by Imagine and CBS, will star a major name — though not one that Exotic himself has requested (that honor belongs to both Brad Pitt and David Spade). No, Exotic will be played by Nicolas Cage.

This will be the Oscar winner’s first TV role, and an incredibly fitting one at that. If there is justice in this world, Joe will anger a beehive within episode one.