Credit: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

There is nothing purer than Joe Biden's love for ice cream, except perhaps his bromance with Barack Obama.

All memes aside, the man really loves ice cream. "My name is Joe Biden, and I love ice cream," he famously declared last year. "You all think I'm kidding—I'm not. I eat more ice cream than the three other people you'd like to be with, all at once." There's even a Tumblr dedicated to photos of him enjoying his favorite snack.

So in order to thank the former vice president for delivering its commencement speech this year, Cornell University is gifting Biden the most appropriate treat: his very own ice cream flavor.

"We don't know why [Biden] loves ice cream so much, but there's always been social media posts about ice cream and him, so we thought this would be a unique way for Cornell to welcome him," Convocation Committee Chair Matthew Baumel told The Cornell Daily Sun.

After a bit of digging, the university's Cornell Dairy Processing Plant discovered that Amtrak Joe's scoop of choice is good old-fashioned chocolate chip. With the overwhelming support of the student body behind them, they went ahead and filled 30 three-gallon tubs with vanilla-based ice cream and chocolate chips, the Daily Sun reports.

The next step? Naming the new dessert. After narrowing the 150 suggested flavor names down to five options—Biden's Chocolate Bites; Bits n' Biden; Big Red, White & Biden; Not Your Average Joe's Chocolate Chip; and Uncle Joe's Chocolate Chip—it was opened up to a vote.

The final name still has to be cleared with Biden's representatives, but there are tentative plans to scoop the ice cream at convocation on May 27 and possibly sell it in the week leading up to the festivities.

"If it gains momentum, we'll make more," Deanna Simons, quality manager and academic programs coordinator for Cornell Dairy, told the Daily Sun. "We're keeping our fingers crossed, we're holding our breaths."

We're holding our breath and readying our spoons!

Look back on Biden's top ice cream moments below.