Jodie Foster - Jimmy Fallon
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

Jodie Foster is an Oscar winning actress, a director, fluent in French and a graduate of Yale. And she is not afraid to crack an egg over her head. In fact, she loves it. She showed her enthusiasm for this ritual during a game of Egg Russian Roulette on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday. The premise of the game is simple: Pick an egg out of a dozen and crack it over your head to find out if it is one of the eight hard boiled ones or one of the four raw ones. The first person to crack two uncooked eggs against his or her head loses.

Now most people would not be thrilled to get raw egg or hard boiled egg in their hair, but Foster, who was promoting her new film Money Monster, was all about it. "I can't wait," she said starting the game off fast and going right for it only to get a raw egg. Fallon was less enthused about his turn, even though the actress said, "It feels good," and "It won't hurt." "It's good conditioner right?" Fallon joked. She said to just think of it as hair product. "Just think of your mother," said Foster. But Fallon didn't look so happy when the raw egg ran down his face. It didn't help when she spread a little more of the yolk on his face.

For the next round, both players drew hard boiled eggs, as did Foster for her third turn. But Fallon wasn't so lucky and ended up with another drippy raw egg. Well, it was a messy game, but it looks like Foster found a new hobby she really enjoys.

Money Monster, which she directed, hits theaters on May 13. Check out their game of Egg Russian Roulette in the clip below.