J.K. Rowling Made Her Annual Apology for Killing Off a Harry Potter Character—and It's a Biggie

It's the apology we've all been waiting for.

Every year, literary wizard J.K. Rowling apologizes to Harry Potter fans on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts—May 2—for killing off a beloved character during the popular seven-part book series.

Past odes have included Twitter shoutouts to Remus Lupin and Fred Weasley, but this year's "I'm sorry" edition looks like it's going to take the cake. Rowling apologized for getting rid of arguably one of her most complex characters.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, the author posted, "OK, here it is. Please don't start flame wars over it, but this year I'd like to apologise for killing (whispers) ... Snape. *runs for cover*." Social media reacted accordingly.

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Even six years later, it looks like the hurt (and Pottermania) is very much alive as fans rushed to express their grief in the form of Harry Potter GIFs.

As for next year's apology, one name kept making the rounds. Potterheads overwhelmingly suggested the beloved house elf Dobby for 2018's remembrance, and we have to say we agree!

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