It's not the first time the Harry Potter author has been accused of being anti-transgender.


Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is in hot water after defending a researcher who was fired for writing transphobic tweets.

Rowling tweeted on Thursday stating that she stands with Maya Forstater, the tax expert who lost her job at a thinktank after tweeting that transgender women cannot change their biological sex.

"Dress however you please," Rowling wrote. "Call yourself whatever you like. Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you. Live your best life in peace and security. But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real? #IStandWithMaya #ThisIsNotADrill"

After the tweet, which clearly disappointed many fans, Rowling's name began trending along with the term TERF, which stands for trans exclusive radical feminist. Many people, including the Human Rights Campaign organization, began decrying her defense of Forstater as anti-transgender.

Over the years, there's been concern that Rowling holds anti-transgender views, after she was criticized for liking transphobic tweets. This latest incident seemed to confirm to many that the beloved book author is using her platform to highlight these views.

On Wednesday, The Guardian reported that a judge ruled Forstater's opinions were "absolutist" and did "not have the protected characteristic of philosophical belief."

"I conclude from … the totality of the evidence, that [Forstater] is absolutist in her view of sex and it is a core component of her belief that she will refer to a person by the sex she considered appropriate even if it violates their dignity and/or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment," the judge said. "The approach is not worthy of respect in a democratic society."