By Olivia Bahou
Updated Sep 17, 2016 @ 12:15 pm
Jimmy Kimmel - 68th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Rollout - September 14, 2016
Credit: Jennifer Lourie/WireImage

All eyes will be on Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 18, when the 2016 Emmy Awards air live on ABC. While nervous nominees prepare their “just in case” acceptance speeches, one man is hastily finalizing jokes and steaming suits: host Jimmy Kimmel.

The late night TV star is prepping to emcee the show for the second time, and our anticipation about what he will sink his teeth into during this year’s award ceremony is at an all time high. From the presidential election to the return of fall TV, Kimmel certainly has a lot of material to work with, and his past hosting gig proved that no one will be off-limits in his sure-to-be hilarious monologue.

In advance of the 2016 Emmys, here are five reasons why we’re excited for Kimmel to host the show.

1. His 2012 hosting gig was one for the books.

“Tonight, you will be asked to play your most challenging role yet: that of an actor who is happy for the success of another actor,” he joked in his opening monologue. The star-studded show brought in 13.2 million viewers.

2. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host has friends in high places—who will be the butt of his jokes.

“The people with whom I’m actually friendly are in the most danger usually because I know they can take a joke,” Kimmel told People. “That works against them. Being a good sport is the worst thing you can be.”

3. He can dish it out and he can take it.

The actor appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday in preparation for his hosting gig and proved that he can handle a jab or two at his self-esteem. In one funny clip, DeGeneres had staffers choosing, “Who’d you rather?” between Kimmel and regulation hottie Scott Eastwood. Despite the numbers tipping generously in Eastwood’s favor, Kimmel remained number one for his good humor.

4. He’s not just a fan—he’s a nominee.

The host’s late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! is up for the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series. While he doesn’t think he’ll win, he has said that he’s prepared a hilariously scathing response to losing the award.

5. He’s stepping up his fashion game.

Kimmel told Extra that he’ll even be making an outfit change during the broadcast. “I actually have two jackets, which is a big thing for me. That’s like a J.Lo thing for me … Stay for the whole show, you may see the second jacket.”

Tune in to the 2016 Emmy Awards at 8 p.m. ET on ABC to see the funny man work the stage.