Jimmy Fallon Unveils Brilliant Collaboration with J.Crew—A Limited-Edition Pocket Dial

Host Jimmy Fallon shows off the J. Crew Pocket Dial on November 18, 2015
Photo: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/Getty Images

What do you get when you combine Jimmy Fallon, J.Crew, and a good cause? The stocking stuffer of your dreams!

When The Tonight Show host realized how many men had their cell phones sticking out of their breast pockets, he knew he had to do something. This fashion faux pas could not stand! And so he came up with the brilliant idea of of combining an iPhone case with a pocket square, and took it to J.Crew.

"My assistant and I stayed up one night after the show and hot glued a pocket square to an iPhone case to make the first version," recalls Fallon, who's outfitted in a J.Crew suit of his own. "I must have looked like a crazy person walking into [J.Crew CEO] Mickey Drexler's office with it and pitching him the idea, but I brought ice cream to help smooth things over."

And what did J.Crew think of his wacky idea, you wonder?

"We loved it and worked with Fallon to develop the limited-edition Pocket Dial—because carrying your phone in your pants is so 2014," the brand writes on the Pocket Dial product page. "And since one pocket square is never enough, we even created interchangeable extras (the Pocket Redial) in classic patterns that are at home in any suit pocket."

As if this all wasn't too good to be true already, one hundred percent of the net proceeds from both the Pocket Dial and the Pocket Redial will be donated to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenya-based charity that protects Africa's elephants from ivory poaching and extinction.

Be still our hearts!

Watch Fallon's hilarious video introducing The Pocket Dial below.

The Pocket Dial by Jimmy Fallon is available on jcrew.com for $48.

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