Jim Carrey Told a Reporter She Was the Only Thing Left to do on His "Bucket List"

The actor is under fire for comments he made during an interview. 

Jim Carrey is under fire for a comment he made to a female reporter during an interview.

Journalist Charlotte Long was interviewing the actor for Heat to promote his movie Sonic the Hedgehog, and asked, "In the film, Sonic has a bucket list. I was wondering, after all you’ve done in your career and in your life, is there anything still left on your bucket list?"

"Just you," Carrey responded. "That’s it, it’s all done now."

"Wow, I don’t know what to say to that!" Long replied, to which Carrey said, "Just own it."

Page Six reported that Long had shared the interview on her Twitter account, though she has since made her account private. Carrey's joke didn't sit well with some, who interpreted the joke as a sexual comment towards a woman who was working in a professional capacity. Some, however, thought he meant the interview itself was the last thing on his bucket list.

After Carrey's remark, Long moved on and asked, "What's been your best bucket list moment in your life when you look back as something you always wanted to achieve and you did it, and you think, 'Wow. I can't believe I did it.'"

"There is so many things," he responded. "Honest to God they just keep coming. I asked early on for a lot. I made myself a $10 Million check for services that would one day be rendered. That came true. I asked to do the kind of roles that keep reintroducing themselves to new generations of people and that came true. I'm just constantly pinching myself, I'm black and blue."

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