By Rita Kokshanian
Jul 31, 2014 @ 8:24 am

If you thought all jewelry boxes were created equally, think again. While some are just a small container designed to hold your sparkling baubles, others, have a hidden agenda.

Ring Cam is a ring box equipped with a tiny camera that records a proposal from the moment she opens the case—all from the point of view of the engagement ring.

The device, which was originally created by four college classmates as an engineering project, uses a high-definition, wide-angle lens and superior sound quality. With just the push of a button, Ring Cam captures everything from the surprised face to the ecstatic "yes!" It's the easiest way to create a viral engagement video. The company even offers video editing services.

You can buy a Ring Cam for $200 or rent one for $99 and video editing services start at $100. Check out a sample video below and head over to for more info.

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