By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jun 02, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Credit: Courtesy Pravana

Incorporating rich hues you'd see adorning headpieces in the Tower of London, the jewel toned hair trend taking over Instagram can be considered the bolder, edgier sister to the ever-popular pastel movement, but a more diverse color spread than the summer-appropriate mermaid look. "Jewel tones are deeper pigmented colors reminiscent of natural stones such as ruby, sapphire, amethyst, and emerald," explains Pravana guest artist and colorist Erica Keelen. "Since they tend to be cooler in tone, they work best on people with cooler skin tones." But that doesn't mean complexions on the warmer end of the spectrum can't pull off the look—you'll want to have a thorough consultation with your stylist to find the most flattering shades for you, and bring in a few photos to reference. After all, this is slightly more complicated than slapping a jar of Manic Panic on your ends.

Just like any creative color trend, darker strands will have to be pre-lightened beforehand, so keep this in mind if your hair has already been dyed, or tends to be on the dry side. "A neutralized canvas is ideal prior to application. The lighter the level you're applying to, the more vibrant the resulting color will be," Keelen says. Once you get home, swap all of your existing product line for color-preserving formulas—Keelen recommends the VIVIDS Color Protect shampoo and conditioner ( for locations), both of which are sulfate-free—and under your stylist's advisement, you can even DIY a color-depositing conditioner. Ask for a recommended creative color you can mix in with your conditioner so that every time you lather up, you give your hair a slight refresh. Additionally, because the jewel tone trend is much more intense than the pastel look, you'll want to avoid using white towels or pillowcases as the color could rub off and leave behind a not-so-subtle tint.