Country pop singer Jessie James Decker is 20 weeks pregnant. What does 20 weeks pregnant look like? Well, it's different for every woman, but here's what it's like for JJD:

In the Instagram, she looks comfy cozy in a chocolate chip cookie sweatshirt. But tonight at the AMAs? She's going for a different look.

As I mentioned the evening of the CMAs, I cannot imagine putting on a tight couture piece with a human growing inside of me, but Decker? It seems to be no thang for her.

Jessie Decker
Credit: Steve Granitz/Getty

On Sunday night for the 2017 American Music Awards, she arrived in an off-the-shoulder mauve colored dress looking like the queen that she is. And the shoes? Sky-high metallic heels? Are you kidding? Swoon.