Jessica Szohr
Credit: INF photo; Splash News

Jessica Szohr is a big hat fan, both on and off the Gossip Girl set! "I wear hats 80% of the time," the actress and new face of Dove told InStyle. "There are these 2 stylists Anda and Masha with a hat line, and I always wear this brown hat of theirs. It’s tan with an army green band around it, and it’s not quite fedora-shaped. It adds a funky, grungy feel to my outfits. I’m also into beanies in the winter." Szohr's Gossip Girl alter ego Vanessa likes her toppers too—we've spotted her in everything from crocheted beanies to wide-brimmed styles—but Szohr assured us that the fashion similarities stop there. "Vanessa is very funkified and likes to wear every color, pattern, and shape at once. I dig it for Vanessa, but I’m very simple." Click through the gallery to see Szohr and Vanessa rocking their favorite accessory, and don't forget to catch the actress on Gossip Girl—season four returns this Monday!