By Jennifer Davis
Updated Oct 31, 2017 @ 9:15 pm

Jessica Simpson is getting back to her Texas roots! The pop star-turned-entrepreneur dressed up as Willie Nelson for Halloween, and she's almost unrecognizable.

Gone are her signature long blonde locks and fuzz-free complexion and in place is Nelson's signature twin braids and a beard. Yep, you'll definitely do a double-take. Not to be completely outdone, her husband Eric Johnson dressed up as Willie's singing partner Waylon Jennings, and he too went all out. Johnson wore a shaggy black wig and facial hair to transform into the artist.

Both of them completed their looks with spot-on costumes. Simpson wore Nelson's go-to American flag bandana, a patterned button-down, jean shorts, and cowboy boots. Meanwhile, Johnson emulated Jennings by wearing a black vest over a white shirt and and coordinating pants. The couple also had guitars, which really finished it off nicely.

Simpson took to Instagram to share their costumes. "Willie & Waylon #Halloween2017," she captioned the photo.

They're not the only ones who look great, though! Their kids are equally as adorable for Halloween. Five-year-old Maxi Drew dyed her hair brown for her Belle costume, whiel her younger brother, four-year-old Ace, went as a cowboy.

The Johnson family definitely knows how to do Halloween.