Jessica Simpson Just Lampooned One of Her Most Famous Magazine Covers

"Housewife of the Year looks a little different these days."

Jessica Simpson just took us back in time with a hilarious new throwback spoof she pulled off with an arm full of cleaning supplies. All the way back.

The pop star took to her personal Instagram on Wednesday (April 8) with a hilarious nod to one of her most memorable magazine covers of all time: her Rolling Stone "Housewife of the Year" look.

Nearly 20 years ago, the songstress hit the iconic magazine's cover in just a lacy white tank top, panties emblazoned with a flirty print, and hot pink high heels as she pushed a Swiffer WetJet against a powder blue background. The icing on the cake? "Housewife of the Year," of course. Yes, 2003 was a different time.

Simpson, like many of us, is spending a lot of time at home right now during the coronavirus pandemic. So she took this time as an opportunity to make light of that cover with a hilarious snap. In her "new" cover, she's clad in a tie-dye sweat outfit and tiger-print slippers holding a bottle of Lysol, gloves, and this time a Swiffer dry mop.

"Housewife of the Year looks a little different these days 😜," Simpson joked.

Shout out to Jessica for keeping it real during these trying times, as many of us are likely looking very similar toting cleaning supplies around our homes right about now. The only difference? We don't all have magazine covers of our own to aspire to.

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