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Credit: Instagram/Jessica Simpson

Don't tell the parent police, but Jessica Simpson probably doesn't care about what her haters have to say in the comments section of her latest family Instagram. Cue the shock and awe.

Simpson was subjected to some pretty harsh criticism after she posted a video of her 4-year-old son Ace playing in a pool earlier this week. The clip is a slow-mo shot of Simpson's husband, Eric Johnson, launching Ace into a backflip, and apparently this was just way too much fun for some people.

It's notable that most negative Nancys didn't take issue with the father-son playtime—but rather with the cast on Ace's arm. Little Ace sported the lime green cast on his left side due to a fracture, but that clearly hasn't slowed him down.

"A broken bone doesn't hold this kiddo down," she wrote, hashtagging "#waterproofcast" in the caption.

Of course, her words were like a siren call, luring the trolls from their troll caves. One called it "the most ridiculous thing to be doing as a parent."

"He's throwing his child like he's throwing a ball or an object. It wouldn't be so bad if his arm wasn't already broken. I see why people are concerned, it's dumb," another wrote.

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Still, Simpson's fans had her back in overwhelming numbers, easily outweighing the critics in terms of volume.

"All I see is a great Dad and an extremely happy son. Works for me," one said. "Don’t listen to the haters. Just because the kid has a broken arm doesn’t mean he should be sidelined from the rest of life!" said another.

"Welp, my childhood seems very extreme if people are fretting over this video," joked another fan.

Thankfully, Simpson doesn't seem to be taking any of it to heart. She opted not to address the situation at all, instead posting a casual outfit pic the following day.

She's living her best life. Maybe her trolls should follow suit.